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Why Instructors insist students to write their assignments in APA format

If you have just been assigned to write your assignment in APA style, you may be frustrated over learning the nitpicky rules and details of writing in a codified format like APA. Many students find writing following a particular format difficult. During their academic years, students will be required to write different assignments, essays, thesis in APA format and other writing style as well. However, APA writing style and format is the most used style and most of the instructors asked their students to follow the same for their assignments and research projects.

To follow and write in APA format, one has to know and understand what APA format exactly refers to. Thus, before you start writing your paper in APA style, it is important to learn its rules and guidelines. The APA format is the style of writing research papers recommended by the American Psychological Association. This style of writing is mainly used in social sciences and is governed by two basic ideas. Firstly, a scientific paper tries to show something that has already been proven true, so it has to be in past or present perfect tense when you mention others’ work. Secondly, the year of publication is important, so it is required to be feature immediately after any named source in the text.

Students when asked to write their research paper in APA style often think why their instructors insist them to write on a single, strictly formatted style. There are two main reasons why most of the instructors insist students to follow the APA format. The reasons are:

Systematic and uniform: APA writing format is very systematic and uniform. Systematic and uniform writing styles are useful in the academic writing because they allow the readers to quickly understand the types of citation, references, and sources. APA format in particular is also very helpful and suitable in making quantitative results easy to express clearly.

Widely accepted: Students, academics and researchers who write for published journals are always required to abide by the writing style and formatting rules set and expected by the journals. However, this differs by disciple and APA is one of the most commonly used and accepted format. By making students write in uniform formatting rules, instructors are helping them adapt to the level of writing required by the professional organisations.

In APA style, you need to give guidance for minute details like graphics, number representation, etc focusing on sharing your ideas in a clear, easily understandable way that allows your audience to make their own decisions about your work.

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